Microsoft unveils new HTC phones with Windows Phone 7.5

We just published that the new Windows Phone release, Mango, offers a lot of new impressive features. It will be easier to connect and share with the people who matter most. Two new HTC phones, HTC Radar and HTC Titan, have been designed with these new possibilities in mind. They offer among others one-touch access to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can easily follow their online activities through your start screen. The mobile market looks very promising for the upcoming months.

Especially the Titan seems impressive with its 4.7″ screen. According to a great blog post on Engadget it’s not a too big screen for smart phone. Both phones will have Skype integration as offered by the Mango release. For more details about these new phones you can check the mentioned Engadget blog post or visit Microsoft Windows Phone comparison’s website.

The new HTC phones are supposed to be available from October and will be the first HTC phones running the new Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) release. 

As expected many other suppliers will follow and these new HTC phones are indicators of what we can expect. We are especially curious about the new Nokia phones which will be introduced around december 2011.

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