HTML5 empire is coming

The IT Market is amazing. Even when starting a college, you never know what to expect when you finish it. Which technology will be the most popular? What kind of knowledge will give you the opportunity to find a job quickly and easily? You have to stay up-to-date even if you were believing in something else. Look at the recent changes…

How fast can the web king change?

I remember when a few years ago Flash technology reigned the Internet. Billions of time-consuming mini-games and thousands of webpages were designed in it. I remember the need to install additional plugins to smoothly browse the Internet. Who would have thought that the king will die? Okay, that was certain, but who would have thought that it would happen so quickly? There was supposed to be the Flash vs. Silverlight war. However, before Adobe and Microsoft crossed the swords for good, HTML5 appeared.

And since then, nothing is the same!

Neither Microsoft, nor Google and Mozilla are preparing any alternative

Some time ago I wrote that despite the concerns of Silverlight’s death, it is holding on pretty well. It is still the main platform for creating Windows Phone system applications. Additionally, the Windows 8’s support should extend its life by several years. But this does not exclude the fact that we are now entering the era of HTML5/CSS3/JS. Just look at Google’s offers in its Chrome Web Store (web apps for Chrome browser and Chrome OS). Clearly, Mozilla is heading the same direction. Microsoft has also begun threatening web applications, almost in the same manner, with the desktop ones. Just look at the Internet Explorer 9’s pinning sites to the taskbar feature.

In a moment we won’t see the difference between web and desktop applications (apparently Windows Store app in Windows 8 has been created using HTML5 technology).

Let’s face it – despite the fact that HTML5 is not ready yet, it’s already a part of our lives.

Small HTML5’s steps to domination

Recently my attention was attracted by another milestone made by HTML5/CSS3/JS developers. I mean the first 3D game written entirely using those three technologies. If you have a Google+ account you can play it here: click . This is not a simple mini-game. It’s actually a full (multiplayer) game with tens of cars and roads. So, the question arises whether Flash still has got a weapon to fight with the competitors? It probably hasn’t, at least not according to Adobe’s new fascinations demo. Has Adobe surrendered?

Use HTML5 to build native mobile apps

What about the mobile market? You might be interested in the PhoneGap framework that allows you to build cross-platform mobile apps using HTML5/Javascript. What is most important – it gives you access to native mobile phone functionalities. Look at the picture below showing the supported features. 


Applications written in PhoneGap naturally run slower than those written for example in Silverlight for WP7 or Objective-C for iOS – but well, it is a price we are willing to pay for the multi platform development, aren’t we?

The new Emperor is here

We can see, that the BIG THREE (HTML5/CSS3/JAVASCRIPT) have already started building their empire across the platforms. Web apps/Desktop apps/Mobile apps/Games, HTML5 is everywhere already! A few years ago nobody could have predicted that invasion. What is the future of IT? Will HTML5 dominate our lives? The history has shown that nothing is as certain as it seems .

And what do you think? Have you expected those changes? Was it easy for you to choose your technology? Is there something that might be able to defeat the emperor? Share your thoughts below!