This year’s edition of infoShare was an event we were waiting for quite impatiently. There were several challenges awaiting us there. It wasn’t the first time we participated in the conference but the first one after we had joined forces with Aspire, a large IT company from Chennai, India. So, the team at the booth was assigned a special mission – to tell visitors all about the reasons behind the fusion and describe the benefits both parties can enjoy thanks to it.

As a Gold Partner of the conference, we were present on the Tech Stage, as knowledge and experience sharing is one of our key objectives. The Managing Director at Goyello, Peter Horsten, was the Tech Stage host, introducing speakers and presenters. And finally, Mateusz Turzyński, our Senior Software Developer, was among the speakers on the first day of the event.

Since most of the industry event goers know the conference very well, we are not going to describe it in detail and encourage (or discourage) you to attend it next year. Instead, we decided to ask our colleagues who visited infoShare 2018 about their opinion on this year’s edition – what they liked the most / the least and whether there was anything that caught their attention in particular.

Can you gain valuable knowledge at infoShare? 

Karol Gierszewski, Senior Software Tester: The quality of this year’s presentations was diverse. And I must say that taking into consideration the prestige and importance of the event, I expected some more interesting, from my point of view, topics. The best presentations were held on the Tech Stage Plus which made them inaccessible for many attendees (you had to pay extra for the right to listen to the Tech Stage Plus speeches).

Artur Osiński, Senior Software Developer: The level of the infoShare presentations is rather basic, but a great thing about the conference is that you have an opportunity to meet the speakers, ask them some extra questions and sometimes even start cooperation.

Mariusz Roszczak, Senior Software Developer: For me, the best of this year’s presentations were delivered on the smaller, technical stages. A number of renowned presenters, such as Tomasz Kopacz from Microsoft, were invited to give speeches there. It’s a pity that infoShare organizers did not plan those speeches for the main Tech Stage.

The most interesting or the best-delivered talk? 

Karol Gierszewski: Lawyers Hacking by Piotr Konieczny was, in my opinion, one of the presentations really worth seeing. You can see he’s an experienced presenter and he tells stories with ease. Unfortunately, for me, the topic was too “light and easy” for the Tech Stage. I think Tech Stage presentations should provide listeners with specific technical knowledge and should not be just a set of scenes depicting the life of the service the speaker is the editor-in-chief at.

Mateusz Roszczak: Apart from our colleague Mateusz Turzyński’s speech, I think LPP’s presentation was an interesting one, as well. The author discussed a very specific business problem and explained how the company dealt with it. The scale of the venture was impressive as well as the way the company handled this case.

Is infoShare a good networking opportunity?

Peter Horsten, Managing Director at Goyello: We have seen infoShare developing over the past 11 years and increasingly it is becoming the must be networking event in Poland that you just cannot miss. It is every year a good opportunity to meet with different people, including (former) colleagues and clients. At the same time, it is an exhausting event as well. After two full conference days, a beach run and 3 evenings of “networking”, I was rather happy it was over again. For sure these were again two inspiring days with many good presentations and it was good to catch up with so many people again.

Karol Gierszewski: It’s a great place to meet new people and old friends, get some nice gadgets and have fun. Would I like to take part in infoShare next year? It all depends on the agenda. I hope there are going to be much more interesting and tech-oriented presentations.


Have you been to this year’s edition of infoShare? Would you like to share your thoughts about the event? Leave a comment.


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