The Art of Fake – Nvidia GAN Networks

In recent years we heard a lot about A.I. taking our jobs or at least driving us to our current jobs. While the debate is still open, I think most of us would agree that some professions are more endangered than others, grocery store cashiers,…

How Deep is Your Work

I have no time. I need an extra day a week! Sounds familiar? To help with these issues Cal Newport created Deep Work, which aims to maximize intellectual potential, develop abilities, and derive the most from work. Deep work "Professional…

Helping made easier! An interview with Agnieszka Buczyńska

Agnieszka Buczyńska has been working at the Volunteer Centre in Gdańsk for several years. Her adventure with the centre began... with volunteering, and the desire to do something for others. She has been the president of the Centre for four…
Artificial Intelligence

The Art of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching new peaks of excellence with unprecedented speed. The applications of these technologies in medicine, transportation, agriculture, retail, security, and others, are influencing the way we live. They have…

A look into our projects' galaxy

An update from our Project Managers. Find out, what we are currently working on, what new technologies are we implementing and what are our plans for future releases. League of Geeks (Maja Bieńko) What is the project about? League of Geeks…
Becoming a Business Analyst

Becoming a Business Analyst. An interview with Anna Furtak

Anna Furtak has been working as a Business Analyst at Aspire for 2 years. Her career path did not suggest that she would go in this direction. Ania studied Economics and started her professional career as a Credit Advisor. Then she dealt with…
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