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Object Oriented CSS methodology

In this post, we will discuss the Object Oriented CSS methodology created by Nicole Sullivan in 2008. It’s an approach that has a lot in common with the object-oriented programming approach, which is why it can be particularly interesting for people used to object-oriented writing. What is a CSS object? The reason for introducing CSS […]

CSS methodologies. Part 2

BEM methodology In the second post of my series on the CSS methodologies we will present the most popular of them – the BEM methodology. If you want to know what CSS methodologies are and why it’s worth using them – follow this link. What does BEM mean? BEM is an acronym for the words […]

CSS methodologies. Part 1

In the series of posts on the CSS methodologies we will bring closer the ideas, concepts and discuss the use of specific examples. The plan on CSS methodologies series is as follows: What are CSS methodologies and why is it worth using them? BEM OOCSS SMACSS Atomic Design Methodologies and Shadow DOM What are CSS methodologies […]