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Learn like a pro!

Every senior developer was once a beginner programmer. And each of us at the beginning of this road faces one major challenge: finding a reliable source of knowledge. Where to search for knowledge in the IT world, where it becomes outdated in a short time? How can you maximize your development curve? What sources do […]

CSS methodologies, shadow DOM and components

This is the last entry in the series on CSS methodologies, so it’s time to share some thoughts that arose in the result of learning about this topic. Currently, many web applications are created using the React and Vue libraries, as well as the Angular framework. What connects them all and shadow DOM is to […]

Atomic Design methodology

In this post, I will discuss Atomic Design – a methodology for creating ‘systems’ (views). This is not a CSS methodology. However, it presents a very interesting approach to the issue of application development. Furthermore – it can be transferred directly to the world of CSS. The author of the Atomic Design approach is Brad […]


SMACSS methodology

In this post I will discuss the SMACSS methodology – Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS. The name alone explains the purpose of its introduction – the creation of a scalable CSS architecture divided into modules to obtain a reusable code. This methodology has a dedicated book, which is a great source of knowledge about […]

Object Oriented CSS methodology

In this post, we will discuss the Object Oriented CSS methodology created by Nicole Sullivan in 2008. It’s an approach that has a lot in common with the object-oriented programming approach, which is why it can be particularly interesting for people used to object-oriented writing. What is a CSS object? The reason for introducing CSS […]

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