IT books

IT books worth reading

It's Read a Book Day today! At Aspire we love to read! We even have a quite impressive library at our office and our own library app. Reading is good not only for your brain. It can have health and social benefits. Frequent readers tend to…
Software messaging patterns

Software messaging patterns and time travel

Messaging is one of these things everyone thinks they use and understand. If you look at events closely, they are fairly simple. Often it’s just a timestamp with few properties. What harm could it really do? To find out you may want to check…
SMACSS methodology

SMACSS methodology

In this post I will discuss the SMACSS methodology - Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS. The name alone explains the purpose of its introduction - the creation of a scalable CSS architecture divided into modules to obtain a reusable code.…

How to win a recruiter’s heart (and a dream job)

Every one of us had a bad date once. Or a job interview that didn’t go very well. In this blog post we will give you some advice that will be useful in both situations. Getting ready… - Do you know anything about our company, have you…
PTaQ Day One

After the PTaQ Day One Conference

On March 30, the first full-day conference was organized by the Poznań test community that works on creating the PTaQ meetup every day. The popularity of this type of events is proven by the fact that the tickets disappeared in seconds and…

Say Hi to Swift 5! ABI stability and Swift Package Manager

On March 25 Swift 5 was released. It marked a major milestone in Swift language evolution, mostly by ABI stability. This update is more about building blocks and fundamentals for future version. But it also gives us a few language improvements.…
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