5 most popular blog posts in 2015

2015 was a busy year for Goyello blog team. Several new writers, mainly experts on software development and testing, joined us. Thanks to their input we could publish posts on topics we hadn’t covered before, like for instance cloud hosting…

Symfony 2 Revealed

During the first international Symfony Live conference Fabien Potencier introduced Symfony 2. It's a next generation framework which will change PHP world forever. I already wrote about the highlights of the conference and revealing the Symfony…

Kanban system for Software Engineering - pure Agile

Kanban system introduces generic approach to Agile. There is no one way to became Agile. If you work using Kanban principles (which are derrived from Agile) you are working in Agile way. If this means that you will have Scrum meetings with your team - fine. If this means that instead of Scrum your meeting will aim on remaining work - also good. Tools are very important but only when they are helping you keeping your principles within company. Correct approach and tooling is a result of deep brainstorming and constant improvements process lead by Kanban principles.
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