What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0 – Part Deux

Welcome to part 2 of my “What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0” series. If you have not already, I encourage…
29/11/2019/by patryk.borowa

How to add, edit and update package

In the last post, we talked about some theory around Swift Package Manager. Now let’s talk how to actually…
28/11/2019/by Paweł Dziennik

What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0

I think everyone can agree the new TensorFlow 2.0 is a revolution rather than evolution. It has greatly…
27/11/2019/by patryk.borowa

Swift Package Manager

 Finally, Apple native package manager is available on iOS. It's called Swift package manager and its…
25/11/2019/by Paweł Dziennik

How do we build a positive candidate experience at Aspire

Appreciating the candidates' effort
Recruiters face many inadequate or poorly prepared applications…
22/11/2019/by Wojciech Filipkowski

Building Jarvis – NLP Hot Word Detection

Have you ever wished you had your own Jarvis? An Artificial Intelligence system tending to your every…
12/11/2019/by patryk.borowa

How I implemented the loader in the Vue application, using Vuex and TypeScript decorators

Loaders are one of the basic functionalities that appear in applications and which are of great importance…
04/11/2019/by Michał Wajer

The Art of Fake – Nvidia GAN Networks

In recent years we heard a lot about A.I. taking our jobs or at least driving us to our current jobs.…
31/10/2019/by patryk.borowa

How Deep is Your Work

I have no time. I need an extra day a week! Sounds familiar?
To help with these issues Cal Newport created…
25/10/2019/by Maja Bieńko
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