The most misunderstood design pattern – Object Pool

Have you ever heard about Object Pooling? If you are a software developer then probably you have. It is usually described as a design pattern that allows you to decrease memory allocations. Is this all Object Pooling is? Well, not even close. The…

One more look at the first 4developers conference

4developers conference aims to become the biggest conference for developers in Poland. That's why four independent paths where available to choose from: Java, IT Project Management, .NET & C# and last but not least - Dedicated Languages.…

4 Developers - presentations overview part III

Monika Rosińska “Trudna sztuka motywowania pracowników IT” – “Tough art of motivating IT employees” On this special presentation Monika Rosinska outlined how it is when there are conflicts and dissatisfied employees in the Company.…

4 Developers - presentations overview part II

Szymon Pobiega, VSoft “Inversion of Control in systems built using the Domain Object Model” Generally, the Inversion of Control (IoC) architecture can be explained with the term “onion architecture”. What is the difference between…

4 Developers - presentations overview part I

This is my first post on this blog – Me (Maciej Gren), Peter Horsten and Kuba have decided to join our ideas and share them here. Probably, in the near future some new people will join this blog to express their own thoughts here. First…

4Developers seminar in Kraków

Today's 4Developers conference in Kraków is being organised for the first time. The organizers plan to make this the biggest event for software developers in Poland. Therefore, we had to attend this conference. The event is well organised…
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