From programmer to leader. Paweł Bejger on working at Aspire Systems Poland

Goyello joined the Aspire Systems group last year. What changed when the Tri-City company became the European hub of a global organization? Adam Łopusiewicz from Just Join IT asked Paweł Bejger, Operational Director at Aspire Systems Poland,…

Feeding the development pipeline right is KING!

John, a product manager of a large corporate, proudly shows his management what results their 200 software development teams are delivering every second week! He knows he impressed them. But soon his confidence is gone. With a weak voice,…

Overcoming hurdles when leading Agile transformations

Agile is a mindset, not a goal, that is the bottom line of this post. The previous post was about assessing how Agile you are. This one is about how to support the change process within your organisation. Although people often link Agile working…
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