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IT books worth reading

It's Read a Book Day today! At Aspire we love to read! We even have a quite impressive library at our office and our own library app. Reading is good not only for your brain. It can have health and social benefits. Frequent readers tend to…
IT books

Goodreads - a new social network comes to town

For all you social networks fans there's a new sensation coming to the party. It's name is Goodreads - the perfect place for people who enjoy reading. The main reason why I got intrigued by it was that I like to keep track of what I am reading,…
IT books
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Book review: php|architect's Guide to PHP Design Patterns

Design patterns are technology independent but the way of implementation can vary based on the programming language that is used. The book "php|architect's Guide to PHP Design Patterns" by Jason Sweat presents some of the design patterns which…