Programming is like doing DIY in your garage – interview with Krzysztof Górnowicz

He joined the team for an internship. He stayed for quite a while. He wanted to develop mobile apps. He is a C# programmer instead. Like many fellow developers he loves playing board games. He has one more, rather unusual hobby. This time it’s…

I want to create software that changes the world - interview with Pawel Bejger

He started as a junior developer. Today he is a director. He knows what advantage Agile has over Waterfall. And he learns languages without having to spend a penny – in the new, inspiring Goyello People conversation Paweł Bejger, Operations…

Angular 2 Demystified

As I mentioned in my recent blog post Angular 2 is a complete rewrite. Many concepts that are known from Angular 1.x are gone or changed dramatically. Angular 2 looks like a completely different framework: no controllers*, no DDO, no $scope,…

HOW TO code better using AutoMapper

How to use AutoMapper to map your objects to more simple ones. I have used it to map LLBLGEN objects.