Why „iPhone first” is a good mobile strategy

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the latest mobile market share statistics and how Apple is „losing ground” to Android as an OS and Samsung as a device manufacturer: (Credit: IDC) At first glance, it looks like we should all…

Skype marriage with Microsoft - road to hell?

Just a few days after Google and Facebook reported they were interested in partnering, even buying Skype, Microsoft announced it bought the company for $ 8,56 billion in cash. The purchase was taking over 180 million people actively video calling.…

Are you happy with the new breadcrumbs in Google Search?

This week we were unpleasantly surprised when we noticed the appearance of one of our clients in the Google search results had dramatically changed. Soon the surprise changed into curiosity. It appeared we missed some Google news. Google…

The nonsense of SEO and PageRank improvements

We get many requests to increase website PageRanks and to make websites search engine friendly. In many cases I really don't understand what people are bothering about. Why would a rather locally oriented company be willing to spend a fortune…

Will Treehoo manage to compete with Google meanwhile saving our planet?

You might think the IT industry is a very clean one from an environmental perspective, but it's not. In fact the IT industry and the Internet are using such an amount of power that this is becoming a real issue. Data Centers where we store our…

Over 100.000 people still waiting for the Wave

When will the first users be given an access to the Google Wave preview? That's today's big question. As promised at the Google Wave presentation in May, today 100.000 users will get the access to this new phenomenon. Knowing what happened at…
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