#GoyelloGame – behind the scenes

Any idea what a geek is most interested in at job fairs? Visiting booths and talking to guys from different companies….?  Gathering gadgets…?  Looking at hostesses…? Playing games ….. that’s it! “Hey, but you don’t mean we are…

Don't get lost, take the map! - DTO survival code

There are a few topics that can turn programming community red hot. Plural or singular database table names? Should we use DTOs or not? And so on, and so forth. But that's not the time to discuss these matters. Today we won't deal with databases,…

AndroidAnnotations — semantics, stupid!

The pace of today's mobile world is tremendous; new devices and technologies come and go, and developers are constantly under pressure to learn new things. Despite what most hard-core Unix users will tell you, real skills are not hundreds of…

Will HTML5 fulfill the old Java(script) write once run anywhere promise?

Do you remember the slogan Java Everywhere - write once, run anywhere - WORA, sometimes WORE or by some, and here I mean .NET developers (like me), called Just-W*ORE. This slogan saying you can write Java code on any machine, compile it and…

Quick start with method caching using Spring 3.1 and Ehcache

A while ago I wrote about method caching in Java using Ehcache Annotations for Spring. However, Spring 3.1 release, among many enhancements, brings native support for method caching with so-called cache abstraction. The main usage scenario of…

Pretty Time - timestamp formatting made easy

It's of the highest importance to present information in an understandable way. Users of applications shouldn't waste their  valuable time figuring out the meaning of information. A great example is displaying date and time values to the user.…
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