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HOW TO randomize website test using JMeter?

Do you want test if all links works on your website correct? Moreover, do you want check how your websites behave when some user will be click on various URLs and he will open pages in a different order? This is possible with Apache JMeter, but it isn't easy to do. I had a lot problems to create appropriate test plan, but finally I made it. I want to share the results of the work with you in this post.

Google Protocol Buffers = "think XML, but smaller, faster, and simpler"

Do you need to serialize/deserlize huge amount of data in very quick and simple way? Is XML, JSON or other mechanism for serialization to slow or to heavy for you? There is a nice solution for these problems. It is called Google Protocol Buffers. If you don't know what is it and how it works, read my post below.

READ BEFORE USING IT - Open XML SDK performance analysis

Do you want to generate large Excel 2007 spreadsheets in short time an low memory usage? You can have some problems with that. I have tried to do it using Open XML Format SDK. See below my results.

How social networks changed application development

Quite a Big Bang, that is a pretty good expression about a growing phenomenon of social networking. The popularity of sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter is increasing at astonishing rates, especially this last one. Although Twitter still…