How to install Redmine with nginx and Mongrel Cluster on Gentoo Linux?

Recently I've migrated GOYELLO's Redmine installation to Gentoo Linux. I've used nginx as a load balancer and proxy to Mongrel Cluster. Read on to learn more about the installation process of this flexible and scalable setup. Gentoo I've…

If there was no law, would everybody be criminals? Creating an agile workflow

Agile approach we have designed our own workflow which is applicable to all our employees and clients. We are alltogether in one workflow which is clear to everyone. At least in theory. To make it real we had to configure our project management environment to allow following the Agile approach. After several improvements we think that we managed to implement a very suitable workflow in managing our daily operations and cooperation with customers in Agile way

We all have to register time, but why bother?

Nice tool for hours registration in Redmine.

How to improve client communication while reducing emails by 95%?

How to reduce amount of emails sent back an fort to your clients

HOW TO: manage email notifications in Redmine

Redmine is a very lean and powerful web application for project management. GOYELLO is using it for managing all different client projects. Recently we realized that the email notification mechanism could be improved to reduce the amount of…