Code Profiling and Optimizations

Profiling is probably the most important overlooked step in the modern applications development process. Often the reason for this is the fact that in the development cycle our application looks and performs ok hence no obvious reasons to worry…

Static code analysis and more with MONO-CECIL

You may have heard about tools like FxCop which are very useful in static code analysis, they basically check your code for possible performance hitting mistakes. Code analysers like FxCop can also help to discover many more issues/mistakes,…
quality support

Fluent Automated Testing

It is pretty common these days to use Selenium and NUnit or any other unit testing framework to create an automated regression solutions. If you are not familiar with this it’s basically cantered around automating/simulating tester using…

I want to create software that changes the world - interview with Pawel Bejger

He started as a junior developer. Today he is a director. He knows what advantage Agile has over Waterfall. And he learns languages without having to spend a penny – in the new, inspiring Goyello People conversation Paweł Bejger, Operations…

The most misunderstood design pattern – Object Pool

Have you ever heard about Object Pooling? If you are a software developer then probably you have. It is usually described as a design pattern that allows you to decrease memory allocations. Is this all Object Pooling is? Well, not even close. The…

This is how we Jam!

A quick guide on how to win a Game Jam Have you ever considered joining any coding marathon like a Game Jam, but were too afraid to do it? Or did you join one and it didn’t go as you planned? If your answer to any of those question was ‘Yes’…
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