Why do men care about horse power but not about code power?

Try to recall the last talk you had with some friends in the bar or colleagues over lunch? What was it about? In the case of a group of women I don't know it. If related to cars I guess you mentioned the nice but, the great look & feel,…

Software is art, code is poetry

Just imagine yourself being the world famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Somebody hired you to prepare a nice painting of his company. Once you show him your almost finished painting, he requests you to remove a person and to move another one.…

The 10 most common mistakes made in software development

You can often read about software development projects that failed. The presented figures vary from about 35% up to 75% of the total amount of projects. There is no need to argue these figures. Let's better try to fight the causes. So, first…

A good software developer? A nerd or a beer lover?

There is no escaping the fact that a good code is written by a good programmer. Obviously, we need good programmers if we want to satisfy clients' needs. However, while recruiting a developer you cannot forget that a  good developer is more…

How to make your clients Agile without teaching them?

How to make your clients Agile not teaching them? In reality, you get customer attention at the end of whole development process.

NetBeans 6.7 and PHP/Symfony - a perfect couple

Do you know the feeling when you look at your screen waiting for the project to build its workspace for hours or when you have to search the whole project in order to find a simple function ? If you do I recommend trying NetBeans as your primary…
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