Top five business and IT-related topics to focus on in 2016

Business and technology are becoming more and more linked to one another. As we put it: “Every company is an IT company these days.” That is why most of recent technology trends are of the utmost importance for everyone doing business and…

Do you remember the days we didn't have a mobile?

Today we are so used to our mobile (smart) phones. Could you live without it? Honestly, I think I couldn't. Whenever and wherever we are we feel the need to communicate with each other. We want to update our friends and followers where we…

Reviewing the 2010 outsourcing trends

About a year ago I shared my 2010 forecast for the 5 major outsourcing trends. Writing such a prediction is rather easy and in general nobody will remind you about it. But I think it’s important to review what happened before we raise the…