Windows 8 is on its way

It's been about two weeks since the Windows 8 build appeared. During the first week about one million users had a chance to run the new build of Windows 8. Have you read our developer preview and our first Windows 8 impressions? Then you probably…

Skype stopped working - the size of the problem

Yesterday we have posted a solution how to make your beloved Skype work again, after the recent update. It seems like, the size of the problem is huge! Today we concluded we posted the solution before Skype support found it out. Since posting…

Market share Windows 7 is growing quickly

Windows 7 was released less than a month ago and it's being adopted rather quickly. According to in October it already had a market share of 4,4%. Knowing Mac's OSX has a share of 6,8% we could say this is pretty impressive. Given…
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